Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Nifty trading strategy for 07-02-2013

Today’s low almost touched trend line connecting lows from 4770. 5940 is trend line support; also various moving averages are there to provide support namely 50dema, 5wleam and 5mcema.  This correction should find support (short term bottom) near 5940-5920 zone. Any close below 5920 will be highly bearish for the index and will open gate for 5800 and lower level. 

Risky buy near 5940-5930 zone sl 5920...  Reverse position on close below 5920.. sl 5950


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  1. Trading is all about taking risk, but it should be very very calculative. Coming up to the recent nifty levels.. i have seen that when ever channel breakout occurs by breaking important support or resistance level then it give a very very good trade.... with very low risk .. .but if there is a important support just below the channel then i have seen that price break the channel and take support from there again to come back in it ...

    Now in today's nifty chart many moving averages are in 5940 region and also there is a gap in 5920 region .. now gap theory my trading system, fib extension all are suggesting me that 5940-5920 is a very very important support... and will help to make a short term bottom.... so now risk is just 20 points if i see a level of 5920 .... minimum reward.. 50% of retracement from 6112 to XXXX (bottom) there i will move sl and make it very very strict ....

    But if my trade goes wrong ... i enter positional shorts .... with again 20 points risk.. but break of 5920 will put this entire uptrend in danger... so again reward is higher...

  2. 5920 need to be saved at any cost for one last fight .. if not door are open for 5800

  3. Nifty Has formed Bearish H & S pattern and on arithmetic scale target 5645