Friday, 12 April 2013

Elliot wave update1 : Infosys

Infosys Elliot wave view:

Elliot wave count from 3010-2827 i.e Wave 1

Elliot wave count from 2827-2999 i.e Wave 2

Elliot wave count from 2999 i.e Wave 3

In my last Elliot wave chart i have mentioned on Pattern Trading Facebook page that wave 2 finished. To find chart for the same Click here. I have removed bullish impulsive count as today's wave entered wave A area.Elliot wave count gave us early warning of what is coming. Today what we saw was powerful 3rd wave, heaven for any trader to be in. Infy was down 20%. As far as Elliot wave is concern it is suggesting that more downfall is there and this is just a start. Again my preferred count will change if Infy cross 2757. Trend line support now exist at 2280 and 2250. Today low was 2.61% of wave 1-2 and 400% of 1-2. More weakness below 2250.

If waves are not sub-diving and if it has found support at day low then wave 4 can target

0.2360 2426.1760
0.3820 2523.4120
0.5000 2602.0000
0.6180 2680.5880

Trend line resistance is at 2350 & 2425 and 5 month low ma is at 2470. 

Long term target for Infosys is 1611 considering A=C. All the bounce in this counter should be used to exit longs. 

So plan your trade accordingly. 

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Happy Trading. 

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  2. Infy Q2 result is on the way. Please give your view on Infy.