Wednesday, 30 April 2014

EUR/JPY Triangle

EUR JPY is still consolidating in triangle worth.9.43. Breakout levels are marked in chart. on upside above 143.47 it can target 152 and below 139.97 it can target 130.

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  1. Hi PT, 2 queries:
    1. Can we do FX trading from India (I am not talking about Indian FX mkt for 4 ccy against INR)? I am talking about online FX trading for global ccy pairs? I heard its illegal in India.
    In what way we can trade in this market legally?
    2. Can we trade in US markets? If yes, how can we do this legally from India?

    1. We cannot trade in forex market apart from the 3 pair provided by exchange as far as my understanding is ..

  2. But if I have US bank account, then can I do? Since you have been posting charts on ccy pairs and US stocks, so thought you might be aware of it.

  3. Hehe this charts are just part of reports I have been writing fro my interviews ...